Bangalore, India

Tarannum Khan’s Bio


A passionate and proactive marketing strategist who develops simple solutions for complex goals; Believes in desirable results contrary to the perception of No, Never & Not Possible”; Strategizes goals and results in the shortest span of time; Overcomes challenges and rectifies loopholes to maintain the parameters of effective work style; Dynamic and self-motivated individual , with core experience in content writing; Proficiency in SEO on page & off page optimization techniques with command over Coral draw, Photoshop & Animation software for promotional campaigns; Edge over Google AdWords, SMM, SMO, Blogging, CMS and SEO.     

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           “CREATIVITY ENHANCES THE EXPRESSION OF THOUGHT…. in Online Marketing”                                                                                                                                            Top Blogging Websites In India                 

“Outstanding  Content with Graphic Effects”

   “Engaging Viewers to Improve Bounce Rate”

“Best Brand Positioning among Customers”

   “Improved Communication within Company”

“Finding Answers to How, Why, Where ……”

“Unique Pattern Connects with One & All… “

“Better to Choose Simple & Creative Way ….”