What are the best paid and free digital marketing courses?


How can I learn the best digital marketing practices both online and offline? How can I be ahead of others in digital marketing? Every beginner goes through the same phase during initial years of learning.

This is the story of every marketer including me. To save your valuable time and to maximize your output as a digital marketer, I have sorted out all your queries related to Digital Marketing Courses.


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Digital Marketing Concept

In Short, Digital Marketing, a part of Marketing emphasizes the use of digital technology to promote any brand/business. 

You often use two terms i.e. Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Both are thought to be synonymous but they are not. Internet Marketing is a subset of Digital Marketingi.e Digital marketing includes more channels than Internet marketing.

Digital Marketing can be done both online and offline whereas Internet Marketing includes online channels only. 

Major Categories of Digital Marketing are Search Engine Optimization( SEO), PPC|Google Adwords|Online Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Content Marketing, App Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Radio Marketing, TV Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Electronic Billboards.


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Now moving toward the most crucial concern of aspirants i.e which are the recognized organizations for digital marketing training? Which one is better whether online or classroom training for digital marketers?

Don’t worry, your answers are here. There are many certification courses offered by different learning platforms.

You can either prefer to take full-time digital marketing training courses from universities/organizations or can go for online courses.

But this is not enough to become a DIGITAL MARKETER EXPERT.  You need to upgrade your skills by learning and progressively working on your core areas one by one.




There are many well-recognized digital marketing certifications and courses in India, I am jotting down the preferred ones to make your search easier.

Few of them are free while other courses and certifications will include fee charges. The suggested options are not in order of ranking in any manner.

Log on to the websites to decide the best digital marketing training program for yourself if you are a beginner, advanced learner or experienced professional.


 # HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy provides Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing certifications. It offers videos based learning and are valuable online certifications in the field of digital marketing.


# Google Certifications

Google Adwords & Google Analytics Certifications are the highly recognized digital marketing certifications for an aspirant or working professional.

These online certifications add an advantage in your portfolio so if you choose digital marketing as your career, go for these certifications.

Google Adwords Certification includes Adwords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising.


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# Lynda:

Lynda Online Training in Digital Marketing courses offers training through videos & practice files. Business Skill based Marketing course includes PR, BRANDING, SEO, ANALYTICS, SOCIAL MEDIA, and so on.


Free digital marketing courses


# HootSuite Academy:

HootSuite Academy provides courses and certifications related to social media marketing, many of the available courses are free while the online industry recognized social media certifications are available with one-time fee options that vary from one certification to other.


# TalentEdge:

Talent Edge presents

  • Executive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing in Association with IIM Kashipur, India. Details: 5 Months / Live & interactive / Weekend classes
  • PG Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations in Association with MICA, Ahmedabad, India. Details: 1 Year / Interactive Classes
  • Executive Development Program in Digital Marketing in Association with XLRI. Details: 6 Months / Interactive Classes/Capstone Project

Log on to the website to know the detailed eligibility criteria, fee structure, syllabus, etc.


# Digital Vidya:

Digital Vidya is one of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training Company; Log on to Digital Vidya website to find out all the available certifications like Digital Vidya-Digital Marketing (CDMM), Mobile Marketing (CMMM) and Social Media Certification Programs (CSMMP), etc. Besides this, AIMA & Digital Vidya also offer joint certification Program in Digital Marketing and Analytics.


# Simplilearn:

Simplilearn provides online training and professional certification programs as Foundational, Advanced, Knowledge Nuggets and Masters Programs. There are different learning modules that provide wide exposure to the learners.


# Manipal ProLearn:

Manipal ProLearn provides both online and classroom-based digital marketing courses. It covers SEO, SEM, ANALYTICS, and ORM. Digital Marketing Professional Program is a joint certification offered by Manipal ProLearn and Google India that includes online learning, classroom training, and live projects.


# Internet & Mobile Research Institute (IMRI):

IMRI offers Executive course in SEO, PPC ADVERTISING, WEB ANALYTICS & SMM, Professional Program in Digital Marketing (EPDM) and Graduate Program in Digital Marketing.

There are a variety of online available courses like Google Digital Unlocked, Udemy, Alison Learning, edX, Udacity, Coursera, and Digigyan.

The other Digital Marketing Classroom Training Providers in India are NIIT, DMTI, EDUPRISTINE, DSIM, SIMPLY DIGITAL, LEARNING CATALYST & DIGITAL NEST but if you are an experienced working professional, having dedicated 5-10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, then attend highly professional executive digital marketing courses from ISB HYDERABAD, IIM BANGALORE & IIM LUCKNOW.



Just a certification or pursuing a course is not enough for you. The basics you can learn from these courses but you need to explore more. Choose any of the courses that suit your eligibility, knowledge, and experience; Get certified by Google, Hubspot, HootSuite, and so on., to enhance your resume.

Further, Keep on reading digital marketing books and Blogs from platforms like   Moz, Adweek, Backlinko, Search Engine Land,  HubSpotand Entrepreneur,  etc. Nothing can replace practical knowledge or on the job experience but experts’ blogs will enhance your knowledge about dynamic digital marketing tactics and google algorithm.

I hope I was able to sort out your queries. Write to Tarannum Khan at info@digitaltarannum.comDo share your views & connect to my Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn accounts.


Tarannum Khan is a passionate and proactive Marketer, Blogger, Author, Educationist, and Speaker who has more than 6 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. She derives simple solutions for complex goals. She has Proficiency in SEO, Designing & Animation software for promotional campaigns and has Edge over Google AdWords, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, SMM, SMO, and Blogging.




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