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Do you want to learn Online Marketing in a simple way?


If yes, I am going to share the simplest approach to learn online marketing. As an entrepreneur, it becomes very important to understand digital marketing to make the best choices for your business.

But in case you have followed traditional marketing for a very long time, then it is utmost important to understand how you can outreach your audience globally. Online marketing is for all.  Learn to explore and have reasons to follow.

When you go by other’s suggestions, it may be good for you but having own reasoning improves the chances of your success. You should have reasons to choose each and every channel to start with. From the past decades, there is a shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Have you noticed, I have used two terms DIGITAL MARKETING and ONLINE MARKETING? These two terms are not synonymous.

Online marketing is generally referred to as internet marketing that involves online channels while Digital Marketing is a broad term which involves both online and offline channels.”

Online Marketing majorly involves Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, App Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and so on.

Going ahead …

My suggestion is to be a DATA DRIVEN MARKETER.

I am adding up some marketing statistics that will support why to choose online marketing?


Marketing Statistics


Let’s check the analytical insights of marketing statistics…




Growth of  Mobile And Social Media Users Across The Globe


  • Grown number of Internet users worldwide is 4.021 billion
  • Social media users worldwide are196 billion
  • Unique mobile users in 2018 are 5.135 billion

“This gives interesting facts that the percentage of social media users has increased YOY basis ( year on year basis) and the scope of projected growth percentage is very high in coming years as the number of mobile users is getting increased by every year.”


online marketing-digital-users report


Growth of  Internet Users Across The Globe


Including the top 20 countries like China, India, United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Mexico, Bangladesh, Germany, Philippines, Vietnam, United Kingdom, France, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, Italy, and Egypt, the expected growth of internet users is 2,937,139,302 by 31st December 2018. Cross check the total worldwide users.

Now you can understand your audiences are online and you need to focus on online channels.






Conversion Rate of Advertisement Channels


According to Heap Analytics, Google has the highest average conversion rate among the advertising channels. Google’s Average Conversion Rate is 8.2%

According to Wordlead’s 2018 PPC statistics, PPC Traffic converts 50% higher than organic traffic, PPC Ads Can Boost Brand Awareness 80%, 73% of Marketers Will Increase Their Ad Spend in 2018 and 53% of Paid Clicks are From a Mobile Device.




Marketing Statistics 2018


According to HubSpot, the latest insights are 


  • Embedded videos on landing pages are going to increase conversions by 86%(Wordstream, 2018)
  • Google itself drives 96% of the mobile search traffic. (Jody Nimetz Co., 2018)
  • The inbound marketing strategy of 61% of the marketers is to improve search engine optimization and organic presence. (HubSpot, 2018)
  • Organic search results are the priority of 70-80% of search engine users. (MarTech, 2018)
  • Videos are the first choice. It is likely to drive 50 times more organic traffic in comparison to plain text. (Omnicore, 2018)
  • There is a huge increase of 3400% in the number of voice search queries from 2008 to 2017. (HubSpot, 2017)
  • The top inbound marketing priority of 55% of Marketers is blog content creation. (HubSpot, 2018)
  • India has the largest base of Facebook users in comparison to any other country in the world. (Statitsa, 2018)
  • In the current scenario, the two most popular online activities are Social media and video viewing. (Smart Insights, 2018)


Online Marketing Guides

Coming to the best part, all in one simple online marketing guide will help you learn online marketing systematically. I have prepared guides with the latest statistics that you can use to improve your knowledge.

Search Engine Optimization Guide (SEO Guide) 

Content Marketing Guide

Blogging Guide

Social Media Marketing Guide (SMM Guide)

Facebook Advertising Guide

Google Ads Guide

Affiliate Marketing Guide


Marketing Trends of 2018






Online Marketing Courses

Do you want to learn online marketing without attending classroom training? Yes, you can. I have summarized both online and offline training programs that are effective for any online marketer. These courses are in no particular order and choose the best for you.

Read the Best Online Marketing Courses and Certifications worldwide.





I hope my online marketing guide will boost your career and improve the ROI of your business. Keep on learning as you don’t know when the next opportunity will knock your doors. Never stop and be focused.

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