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Are you following digital marketing trends to grow your business?


If not, know the top trends…

As we stepped into 2019, the intensely advancing technologies are getting integrated with organizations that ensure efficient and effective business.

The immense reach of the internet, coupled with the vast network of social media on a global scale, makes it one of the most important and effective tools to build your business.

Thanks to ever-creative and effective digital marketing trends, small and medium-sized businesses can today reach to a worldwide consumer base with ease.

Let’s go through some of the marketing statistics that clearly correlates with the latest digital marketing trends.



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These significant statistics open up a wider area for targeting potential customers.


Digital Marketing Trends (2019)


As another year passes, penetration of the internet and social media in our lives are steadily increasing. This is an excellent avenue for small businesses to take advantage of the rising digital marketing trends in the year 2019.

After having reviewed the trends in digital marketing from the past few years I have enlisted the top digital marketing trends of 2019 you need to follow for better business performance.

Digital marketing is the trendiest phase of the marketing world, yet, even this phase has some methods and patterns that we should track this year.


The Top trends in digital marketing are 


Social Media

We all are active on social media, right? Also, you might have come across those business stories that people share on social media platforms.

These stories include social matters, proud stories, and success stories of personalities and businesses.

It is the perfect platform for customer engagement and brand promotion.


Effective digital marketing trends are


 Instagram Marketing – Instagram stories, Instagram Live and IGTV

Instagram has hit around more than 2 billion users in recent years. You should try IGTV as one of your marketing strategies. Create video contents on your Instagram account. Make sure that is too much effective and impactful.


Facebook Messenger Marketing –Use ChatBots

This is one of the trending marketing tools so far. Use ChatBots to increase customer reach like MobileMonkey.

This enhances the customer experience and better customer engagement as well. Your customers can use these real-time ChatBots to resolve the queries.


LinkedIn Lead Generation Marketing – Economical Costing

Reduced ads costing has enhanced opportunities for B2B businesses to use LinkedIn in 2019 and thereafter. Don’t wait, it is the right time to use LinkedIn ads.


Influencer Marketing

This is another impactful digital marketing trend.

Ever heard of brand ambassadors?

Yes, influencer marketing is somewhat similar to it. Use top personalities and celebrities to promote your brand and see its positive impacts.  


The top digital marketing trends are


Instagram Influencer Marketing

As one of the top digital marketing trend, Instagram influencer marketing can really raise your sales graph. Go for it.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

This can be a game changer so try this too. Videos are very impactful, so go ahead with YouTube.


Voice search

Make your website voice search ready. The Google assistant and Apple’s Siri are the best examples of such digital marketing trends. Create a script that would match all customer queries and requirements. Yes, for sure it is going to impress your customers.


Video Content

Videos have always created a significant impact. Create useful video contents on your web page or your social media accounts. When the audience likes those videos, they will inevitably start following your business as well. You can use apps and software to make engaging videos. Brands are recording live videos to connect with their audience. One thing should be clear that you are creating content for your viewers to make it more engaging.


Email Marketing

Old is Gold! Email marketing is the oldest trend but is still working for the majority of the businesses. Make use of this digital marketing trend, and see the impact on your business. Startups, Bloggers, and small businesses can use email marketing as the best tool to drive more sales.


The next emerging digital marketing trends are


Augmented Reality

If you want to get the best ROIs for all the marketing strategies, then this is the right trend that you should walk along with. Remember, the game Pokémon Go? It was the best example of Augmented Reality.


Artificial Intelligence & Programmatic Advertising

When Programmatic Advertising to target specific users integrates with artificial intelligence makes the ad placements better. 

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly going to dominate the future world. You can make use of AI in various marketing methods and in various other management operations.


Visual Search

It is an emerging development in the field of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) about consumers search and buying behavior.  

Google lens has made it possible to read business cards, identify buildings & landmarks and scan a barcode. If well planned and streamlined search behaviors, this can be very beneficial for businesses.



The above-mentioned marketing trends are the most impactful methods that would surely allow your business to grow more and expand more. You can make use of all these digital marketing trends while planning your marketing strategies. Read – Digital Marketing Jobs in 2019Free Digital Marketing Courses, Make Money from AdSense and Best Email Marketing Services


Tarannum Khan is a passionate and proactive Marketer, Blogger, Author, Educationist, and Speaker who has more than 6 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. She derives simple solutions for complex goals. She has Proficiency in SEO, Designing & Animation software for promotional campaigns and has Edge over Google AdWords, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, SMM, SMO, and Blogging.



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