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What should be Social Media Marketing Strategy?


Is that simple enough to maximize ROI WITH BETTER & EASY TECHNIQUES??  Yes, it is. 

For accurate results, it is easy to understand the social media results in terms of ROI (return on investment) to maximize profits and brand value.

But before going into details, few mandatory key points are to be considered that what are the best social media platforms and what kind of customers/audience are available on these platforms as one trick may be fruitful for one product/ business on one platform while it may not suit the other at all.

Now the striking question is how to choose a platform as a part of your online marketing strategy and what should be the priority of social media platform for growth and branding. 

Just the results of ROI don’t give you the exact clear picture to choose a platform, but it makes you aware of the most beneficial platforms to reap the best outcome.

So strategic planning is necessary while showcasing your personal identity/brand/product to social media platforms to find potential customers.


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As a part of the online social media strategy, Facebook is a must for all. If you are looking for the B2C market, then Facebook is the first choice of the priority list whether it is an apparel business or consumer goods.

You must look into how to target your potential audience by selecting a few crucial factors like interests, demographics, behavior, age, and gender. 

In the next five years, the video content will reach the zenith of demand for online business. So try to focus on visually more attractive, valuable & quality content to direct audience/customers to your Facebook Page.




For Twitter, there should be a demand-driven strategy. Being the second most ROI producing platform, the accurate and curative information will be the best way to attract an audience.

Rather than focusing on the product/ services only, you must produce quality content on the issues related to your product range. 

For example; if it’s an apparel business, then focus on the type of dresses that can suit to different body sizes, what is the current fashion trend and how one can team up the best outfit.

Makeup brands can provide timely information on the skin issues, makeup tricks for different face shapes and current market availability of products. The same case is applicable to travel and automobile companies.


Instagram & Pinterest


Instagram is a photo gallery of informative & fun content where it engages your audience in depth and it is on trend for both personal & professional usage. More of engaging content to be shared for products/services which show another aspect of your product/service range.

It should create a distinguished brand image for your product/brand/service.

While for Pinterest, the quality of visual content should be very high to create fondness of your product, rather than focusing on direct sales.

It should associate the audience with the kind of product you deal into. High-quality images/videos with brief summary are a must to captivate your audience for Pinterest.




For the B2B market, LinkedIn is the assured ROI generating social media platform.

It’s more of a professional platform that has giant players for talent acquisition and selling any kind of services.


Snapchat & Slide share


As per the survey report, the ROI for both the platforms are less than 1. But the specific strategy can turn out rewarding.

For gaming and fun related products, Snapchat can give positive results as you can target youth audience.

Explore more for the Snapchat platform while slide share can be used to channelize your informative content to potential customers.




  • Need to be innovative in the USP to improve interaction with the audience to amplify your brand image
  • Go for Live Streaming, Infographics, and videos for Instagram, Slideshow & Facebook to reciprocate with  the audience
  • Design mobile-friendly ads & use tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, HootSuite, Buffer, Simply Measured, Twitonomy, Crowdbabble, Quintly & Fanpagekarma.
  • Do the competitive analysis of competitors by Digital Footprints to improve ROI
  • Create valuable & informative content to educate the audience
  • Use powerful visuals to engage more audience for storytelling, so leave no stone unturned
  • Be creative in  writing blogs to broaden your brand reach on social media platforms

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